US SRF Wagyu Ground Beef 100% All Natural 150g

  • US SRF Wagyu Ground Beef is tender and juicy, the taste melts in your mouth, It’s definitely an unforgettable taste. Enjoy the best taste at home with the simplest dishes
  • HK$30.0

US SRF Wagyu Ground Beef

Snake River Farms (SRF) American Wagyu Beef are grass and hay fed on pasture for the first year of their life.

They are then fed a sustainable diet of hay, forages, grains (including corn, soft white wheat and barley), as well as potatoes, vitamins and minerals.

As the result, American Wagyu combined the richness marbling of Japanese Wagyu and robust beef flavor of American beef.

*Origin: United States
*This is a frozen food item. Image for reference only.

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