Frozen Raw Crispy Grass Carp Sliced 250g

  • Grass carp is one of the most popular freshwater edible fish in China. It is large in size and tender in meat.
  • HK$48.0

Frozen Raw Crispy Grass Carp Sliced

Crispy grass carp is a kind of fish, which is common in Guangdong, a variation of the already famous grass carp.

It is suitable for a variety of cooking methods. Boiled fish fillets, braised fish pieces, and iron pot stewed fish etc.

The most popular serving method is as a hot-pot dish, which basically sees thinly-sliced fillets dipped into the boiling pot.

The cooked sliced fillets somewhat transparent, and with a crunchy texture, exploding with the flavors of the hot-pot broth.

Product Packing / Nutrition Label

*This product may still contain small bones, please be careful while consuming.
*Origin: China
*This is a frozen food item. Image for reference only.

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