Australia M4/5 Wagyu Inside Skirt Hotpot Sliced ~200g

  • Australian beef meets the stringent conditions on marbling, age, weight, meat and fat color, and adhering to international quality standards, the superior marble pattern, the juicy tender, flavorsome and buttery taste and creamy texture of the beef.
  • HK$78.0

Australian Wagyu cattle

Australian Wagyu cattle are bred to produce fat that is substantially lower in saturated fats than other beef, and is considered a super premium beef not only because of its generous marbling, but because of its fat quality.

Australian Wagyu cattle are grain fed for the last 300–500 days of production. The result is a mild flavored beef with a rich unctuousness.

Australia M4/5 Wagyu Inside Skirt Hotpot Sliced

There are so many different hotpot styles around Asia. Japanese shabu-shabu or sukiyaki, Korean Jeongol, Chinese Mala, Thai suki, Vietnamese lẩu or cù lao etc.

Beef is so popular in hotpots that we can find it in all these hotpots. Usually beef for hotpot is sliced to 2-3mm (1/8 inch) thick.

Australian Wagyu grading

Australia is one of the biggest producers of Wagyu beef in the world, and uses its own grading scale, the AUS-MEAT marbling system.

This scale goes from 0 (no marbling) to 9+ (extraordinary amounts of marbling), the latter one being the highest grade.

The Australian Wagyu grading scores are identical to the Japanese BMS scale, meaning an Australian Wagyu BMS 5 is the same as a Japanese Wagyu BMS 5.

However, the Australian scale tops out at grade 9, and everything above it (scores 10, 11, and 12), are graded 9+.

*Origin: Australia
*This is a frozen food item. Image for reference only.