Northern King Atlantic Wild Lobster Tail 2pcs 226g

  • The most popular part of the lobster probably is the tails, they are great for grilling, pasta and salad.
  • HK$158.0

Northern King Atlantic Wild Lobster Tail

Freshly caught from the clean Atlantic Ocean, then processed immediately to guarantee the freshness.

The lobster tails come frozen, ensuring they keep their natural juices, delicate flesh and sweet, succulent taste.

Cutting the Lobster Tail

Place the lobster tails with the bowl on a chopping board.

With a little pressure, guide a knife centrally along the belly to the end of the tail (press lightly until the bowl is cut).

Subsequently, the meat can be easily remove it from the shell.

Product Packing / Nutrition Label

*Origin: Haiti
*This is a frozen food item. Image for reference only.